Public Education In Waiting For Superman

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Public education has been the focus of this great country of ours for many decades. However, for many years, our country’s children have suffered from a public education system that has failed its students while it has slowly slipped down from its top spot as among the best in the world. The government has tried to reverse this downward trend, passing laws like the No Child Left Behind Act. Despite the government's efforts, this regression in the quality of education that our public school system offers has been proven so far to be irreversible due to multiple factors. The documentary Waiting for Superman is able to identify these factors, such as bad teachers and the quality of schools, that have stagnated American students’ proficiency ratings in Math and Reading. An issue needing to be brought attention to, the “Waiting for Superman” filmmakers’ persistent use of animations about Statistical information and the Introduction of characters to create emotional connections with the audience to bring the issue of these low proficiency levels among U.S. Students to the audience’s attention so that the audience could possibly bring the change that these filmmakers want to education. Statistics is heavily present in the documentary Waiting for Superman. However, the filmmakers must grab the audience’s attention by using multiple graphic styles which develops a logical argument. As a result, these animations are present consistently throughout the film. In one scene, the
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