Public Education Is An Integral Part Of Human Rights System Essay

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Public education is an integral part of human rights system and entire community life; it supports the evolution of individuals, nations and ensures the development of humankind. However, nowadays learning is more custom-made for the student 's needs almost in every country, which is really helpful for their normal life. The chance to be educated is one of the most important subjective rights of individuals. Specifically this issue is manifested in activities involving children with certain physical defects in our social environment. The term “invalid” is initially defective; we attribute it to these people an inferiority complex in which they begin to believe. Attitude of ordinary people to people with disabilities is different biases and prejudices. For today there are 4755902 children, 150000 out of them belong to children with disability (
According to UNICEF the statistical data states that there are 62081 (1.2%) disabled children in Kazakhstan, and each year this number increases. More and more children, who have deviations from the conventional age norm, come in secondary school every year. They need for specialized care, personal assistance and special mode. Toward our society is an acute problem involving our citizens to have some features of physical development in the community, the problem of their active adaptation, socialization and development of the public. Children with disabilities should not be isolated from the society they belong to.…
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