Public Education Is The Best Choice

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Public Education is the Best Choice There has been an enormous increase in the number of parents who have chosen to homeschool their children. While their reasons for doing so are certainly valid, it is not the best education they can provide for their children. A public school education has more to offer in terms of curriculum, available resources, and social interaction. Public education has received much criticism for having low test scores and low graduation rates; however, millions of students continue to graduate every year from public schools across the country. (Baker) Public schools were established not only to teach the essentials of reading, writing, and mathematics, but also to reinforce core values of every student. (Baker) Choosing a public school education has all the benefits necessary to develop well educated individuals. Education has been the foundation of society for many decades. Education not only provides knowledge, understanding, and self-reliance but also empowers the mind to develop problem-solving skills, decision making skills, and social interaction skills that are essential within society. All of these can be achieved through a public education. Public schools are operated at the state level through the department of education, and locally through the school districts. Public education reform has taken many directions throughout history. Change is ongoing and implemented by educators who understand the importance of giving children a
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