Public Education in Texas

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Public Education In Texas
High quality education is a must in U.S. since it means that today's youth will be prepared with the knowledge needed to tackle our nations issues. When looking from state to state, you will notice how various states differ in how well they are able to educate students. Maryland was ranked number one in the nation by having a high grade point average amongst students and an equally high graduation rate. Texas on the other hand had the worst grade point average and graduation rate. The reason for this is the amount of funding that goes into public schools. Maryland puts a lot of funding into their public schools which helps raise grade point averages. Meanwhile Texas puts little funding into public schools and
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That view still stands today as many senators and representatives hold hold mainly conservative views.
The conservative view of education extends to the parents of the students as well. Salaries for public school teachers and administrators come primarily from state taxes which has been an issue for them for years. School faculty has been fighting the state for years to have an increase in pay but that would mean an increase in taxes as well. So when the parents of the students weigh in they often side with the legislature since a pay raise for teachers would mean a raise in taxes for them. This is sadly the same case for funding school equipment such as computers, books, playground equipment, ect.. Since parents are unwilling to have their taxes raised to pay for all of that, our schools will always fall behind, leaving teachers unable to properly teach our students.
Another challenge is how often Texas changes its statewide testing regiments. So far it has changed four times over the past century, TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) was one of the regiments lasting from 1999 to 2011. The system currently in use and that will end by next year is the STARR exam (State of Texas Academic Readiness). The testing regiments change constantly because they do not accurately gauge a students performance. Also the fact that the main goal of the curriculum is religious and ideological control further hinders the academic performance of students. For example,
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