Public Education is Unnecessary and Inefficient Essay

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The End of Public Education
Visualize a flourishing society where children grow up happy with their family and friends, living life, going day by day doing what they enjoy--may it be playing football outside with their friends, taking walks through woods and by creeks, or maybe surfing the internet for games, even stumbling upon music or a video showing the vastness of the universe on YouTube! These are all encounters with the future, potential sparks, hidden, that have the possibility of becoming the fascination of a child.

Playing football may lead to a hidden talent of fantastic speed. Taking walks through woods and by creeks may provoke an obsession with the little frog that happened to hop into the stream as a young boy passes
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These signals give a depressing meaning to life that may or may not be true, but should be concluded subjectively.

Now may not be the time to remove this structure of education, but through progression and the acknowledgement of failing cogs in the system there will come a time when individual enlightenment and self motivation will reign over this system of force fed knowledge and the one size fits all, universal learning approach, because everyone is different and everyone has the right to find their own dreams. The public education system is unfair, wrong, and inefficient.

To begin, the public education system is unfair to the children. Students are treated the same, regardless of their intellect. In a world where everyone is not equally intelligent, yet everyone is to be taught at an equal standard, the brightest, who have the most potential to improve society, don't achieve the education they deserve, while the slowest remain frustrated. It is also unfair to the community who must pay the annual taxes whether they have children going to school or not. Government run education systems remove the core foundation from education that this country was brought up with--competition. Without competition, government run schools don't compete and therefore do not improve. Market competition has a way of constantly fighting to provide the best service possible, constantly improving and changing, while weeding out the worst. Lastly, public education is
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