Public Figures And Their Privacy

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Bhavi Patel
Teacher: Dinorah Sapp
IE 036 English for Academic Purposes.
20 November 2014

Public figures and their Privacy.
Everyone dreams of earning fame and fortune. People who are popular by virtue of their professions, whether it is acting, sports or politics, try their best to earn the admiration and respect of the public. This is because a huge fan base following can always use their advantage irrespective of whether you are an actor or a politician. However, this fame and fan following comes at a price: the loss of their privacy. Shakelford defined privacy as, “Privacy is a vast concept encompassing freedom of thought, freedom of bodily integrity, solitude, information integrity, freedom of surveillance, and the protection of reputation and personality”.(Shakelford,132) Many newspapers, magazines, television programs, make money by reporting on private lives of public figures such as politicians, sports person, celebrities, entertainers, and others. Does public means no privacy? Before answering to this question we can turn on the television and see lots of details about celebrities and public figures. The fact is that a reporter always tries to discover the private lives of famous people. Privacy is one of the most important things on earth. When one invades the privacy of another it causes a reaction of betrayal in the eyes of a person whose privacy is being invaded. But does it apply to the public figures? In my opinion I believe that public figures such as

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