Public Figures Should Be Role Models

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On the surface, celebrities may not seem like the type of people children and teens should position as role models. This is a result of some of the bad personal choices the media displays to the public. But below the surface, surpassing all of the negative matter that the media chooses to display, celebrities and public figures influence teens in ways that other people can not. Almost all celebrities have worked hard for their success and that is a lesson children should learn. Public figures should be considered role models because they inspire teens through their hard work and encourage kids to have a positive voice in society.
Celebrities inspire children through their diligence and perseverance leading up to their careers. In “Why athletes should never be role models for kids,” the author argues, “Teach your kids to enjoy athletes for their work on the field because there is nothing wrong with hero-worshipping from that standpoint”(Mendes). Although certain celebrities act inappropriately through their personal decisions, they are good examples of how hard work and diligence pays off in the long run. It is important for children and teens to know that it’s alright to look up to a successful celebrity based on their career choices because they did have to work hard to get where they are. But, it is also essential for parents to educate their children on what kind of people their kids should look up to or what aspects of a certain celebrity is a good example for them
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