Public Figures and Private Lives

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Public Figures and Private Lives Publicity; it is umently a big deal. Everyone wants to be a celebrity. They want to be a famous actor, singer, etc. However, the real idea people need to be thinking about is, are you willing to give up your privacy and freedom? Once one becomes known to the public so does their entire life, whether one likes it or not. Take a look at Britney Spears; there is nothing about her life that is not public. Should this be a bad thing? Or should these public figure have their privacy? I think not. These celebrities came into the public eye for a reason, and one reason only, to be known. These people become role models to others, and what they do and the way they act should be revealed to their fans. As a result,…show more content…
This is one other reason public figures do not have the right to privacy. In Spears' case, she has gone through some shocking moments but she has brought herself right back up from them. Redeeming yourself is not simple, and this is an excellent illustration of how one should conduct themselves. For this reason, one thinks celebrities should not have privacy because if they did we would not have such great examples to look up too. We learn from others' mistakes, but if those mistakes are not shared with us, then no one would have a clue on how to pick themselves up after a great downfall. "There's just so much you can do to help a person," (Culotta). But that is completely wrong. There are many ways to help a person, and one is by sharing your life with
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