Public Funding Should Not Support Public Schools in Music and Arts

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English 301A 14 September 2012 Public Funding should not support Public Schools in Music and Arts Education is one of the major problems faced by US as a nation and several debates pertaining to allocation of education funds are underway. The use of public education funds is one such matter which is debated very highly. The consequences of public education fund’s spending are long-term which makes this issue very important. Also, limited availability of public funds makes it essential for these funds to be used in a manner which are more beneficial. The essays will discusses why public funds should not supporting arts and music education and the social impact. The cost of arts and music education in public school system is very high.…show more content…
These parents regard playing a musical instrument as a highly difficult and demanding task. This implies that those students who aim to get good grades with music are likely to receive very poor grades in other conventional subjects. therefore, should not have compulsory status in public schools which are funded by taxpayers’ resources. Further, it is argued that the standard curriculum teaches abstract reasoning, mathematics, sciences and medicine which has great value, even if the skills acquired are not, thereafter, directly usable in everyday life. The study of arts and music gives no practical application. The objective of public education funds must be of helping students to develop valuable skills for their practical lives. It is believed that the study of mathematics, language, science, etc. provides both useable knowledge and abstract skills. The paper discussed why public funds should not support arts and music education and evaluated the assertion that education for arts and music is a less useful allocation of educational resources than traditional subjects. It is concluded that the cost for provision of arts and music education in public school system is very high. Further, it is discussed that eliminating music education from the curriculum of public schools would enable
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