Public Goods And Social Expenditure

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Public Goods and Social Expenditure In politics, there are many ways that people identify themselves in society. These are broken down into two main categories: ethnic and national identity. Ethnic identity is a group’s specific characteristics or societal institutions that make the group culturally different from others. Ethnic identities are often based on customs, language, geographic locations, history, race, religion, and many other factors. People do not choose their ethnicities, they are born into them, and their ethnic identity will remain constant throughout their lives. Within a single ethnic group are characteristics that embody norms and standards for behavior that are specific to that group. Most countries and places in the world are not accustomed to have a single ethnic group, and can vary from a couple to thousands of ethnic groups within a territory. National identity is an institution that brings the sense of belonging to a nation and a belief in their political aspirations. This involves a high demand of freedom through sovereignty and involves a large demand for equality. National identity can occasionally develop from ethnic identities and is inherently political. For example, an ethnic identity can provoke ideas against already existing political systems in which their members believe that they are lacking certain rights and freedoms. This interaction between ethnic and national identity is present in many countries in which an ethnicity gains a
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