Public Health And Homelessness : An Injury Or An Illness

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Fernando Silva Professor Hendricks English Composition 1101 November 20, 2014 Public Health and Homelessness It may seem farfetched that in today’s America an injury or an illness would lead to homelessness, but for over half a million Americans this is very much a reality. An injury that affects work functions will make it impossible to work under regular conditions and force the employee to take unwanted time off work. Leaving work for extended periods of time will exhaust sick/medical leave and will force them to turn to other alternatives to provide for their family, such as loans or credit cards. With debt pilling up and unable to work, filling bankruptcy is the final and only option available. The American Journal of Medicine states that in 2007, 62% of the 1 million bankruptcies in America were due to medical debt. 92% of the half million in medical debt had over $5,000 in medical bills. In this situation medical debt will quickly exhaust any savings, and relying on family/friends would only last as long as their patience. With poor health, no income, and limited support it will sooner than later lead to a path of homelessness (Himmelstein et al. 1). Once homeless, further health degradation is often seen due to exposure to diseases and failure to seek medical help and/or treatment. Without being able to get medical help, existing health conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, and asthma become much worse. Other non-health related conditions also play a factor
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