Public Health At The Asmara College Of Health Sciences

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2. My first true introduction to public health came in a lecture delivered in a colleagues’ seminar in the Asmara College of Health Sciences. When the speaker talked about how preventive public health programs could easily alleviate preventable diseases, it reminded me of the death of Adhanom and how basic public health programs could have easily saved his and others’ lives. This one-time lecture provided me with a basic knowledge but also opened my curiosity to know more about public health. This subsequently led to my decision to pursue international health which opened up the world of public health and immensely broadened my understanding of the fundamentals of public health, creating a desire to know more.

3. Having learned so much through the courses offered in the MSc. program in Germany, I became more and more fascinated by the science of public health. I was impressed by its evidence driven, multidisciplinary approach and the variety and scope of sub-disciplines, along with its options for growth. I found public health to be an enthralling field of study which perfectly fits with my previous training in sociology and career ambitions. I have always dreamt of a career that focuses on improving the health of people through preventive programs and community participation to bring enduring solutions. My growing interest in public health led me to resign from the rural sociology program in Auburn University. However, the reason for resignation

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