Critique Of A Public Health Campaign On Sexual Health

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The public health campaign topic that we were assigned was on sexual health. Throughout this campaign we worked as a team in order to reach the aims and objectives we had set. The aim of our campaign was to raise awareness by educating students and the public on safer sex and sexually transmitted diseases. In order to do this the objective was to produce a stand that will be based in the university of Huddersfield student union and educate students and the public on sexual health by encouraging them to come to the stand and ask questions, as well as participate in various activities. The target audience was well suited for this topic as the younger population especially of university age are more likely to contract an STI. In order to…show more content…
A risk assessment was also developed which stated possible issues that could go wrong while running the stand; this was necessary for safety and in order to highlight any dangers our stand brings to both ourselves and the public. Within the campaign we provided games, one of which was educational to get people involved as well as educating about STIs. We also gave out lots of goodie bags which contained: condoms/dams, sweets and lots of leaflets about safer sex and STIs. Throughout the development of our campaign, we ended up altering or changing a few ideas that was contained within our original plan. In the plan its states to put ‘SEX’ in big capital letters however, we realised that this was inappropriate, potentially offensive and the message of sexual health wasn’t clearly put across. Instead we used the title sexual health in order to give a clear message of what the campaign was about. Originally we were going to put a chlamydia test into each goodie bag however, we overestimated how may chlamydia tests we would receive. With 12 chlamydia tests we realised that it is not necessary for everyone to have a chlamydia test and it would be a better to make them available for people to take one if they wanted to. Another idea we had in the plan was to discuss the mixture of sex and alcohol although, we found this difficult to include within the information we were providing and thought that there would be too much information
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