Public Health Care Is the Way to Go Essay

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Public health care is definitely the only health care which should be placed within society. When health care is socialized it ensures that it is available to everyone equally. No person, no matter their social class, or economic status should be denied medical attention for any reason. All humans are equal, which means equal treatment should be given to all. With public health care a person cannot be rejected treatment because they cannot afford it, or do not have health insurance. In a private health care system people can be rejected health insurance due to a previous or current health condition. It is ridiculous how people can be refused health care for having a track record of medical problems. Having a history only means they need…show more content…
If that is the case for people with health insurance, think about the people who cannot afford health insurance and have to live their lives hoping everyday that they won’t get sick. Another scenario displayed in the documentary Sicko examined a scenario of a man without health insurance and the horrors he had to face. This man was working with a table saw and accidently sliced off the top of his middle and ring finger. The doctors were charging him twelve thousand dollars to replace the ring finger and thirty- six thousand to replace the middle finger. Could you imagine paying that much money to have your fingers replaced? In a public health care system you would never have to worry about such large expenses. Canada is a great example of public health care but still consists of some faults. Although Canada has a very well known public health care system, it still has its downfalls. Due to being completely government funded there are usually long waiting lists for treatments. Family doctors are packed with patients and you usually have to make an appointment a few days in advance in order to receive one. For example when a person needs to have surgery they usually have to wait a few months before the process can be done, even if it’s a minor surgery. Also for procedures such as having an M.R.I, usually has people waiting for months due to the limited equipment Canada holds. Also doctors have a salary cap in Canada’s public health care system of two hundred and
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