Public Health Care in Australia

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Equal care is the fundamental objective of all health care systems. However, there are still inequities when it comes to medical and non-medical services, especially for those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Access and equity are the processes to ensure equal opportunity of resources in medical and non-medical services, removing barriers to providing a fair and consistent service irrespective of an individual’s background, socio-economical status, age and abilities. Consumer participation can be defined as the active involvement of health consumers in making decisions about their health care services, whether that is planning, service development, delivery methods or evaluations. There are three stages in which patrons are…show more content…
A major challenge in Australia is the recruitment and retention of health care workers and remote areas as majorities of health care professionals live and work in the metropolitan areas. In spite of attempts to recruit more health workers, the availability of health care is still insufficient. In correlation to the decreased number of health care workers, there has been an increase in the amount of people who have chronic diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. Methadone is a program designed to help opioid dependents since 1969. With the rise in crimes and deaths related to opioid use, the Australian government maintained a methadone program which was endorsed in 1985 as an effective treatment (, 2014). Despite the efforts made by the government to contain the unsanctioned use of opioids, there remains a significant gap in the system which was intended predominantly to respond to the risks posed to opioid addicts. The crack in the methadone program was only brought to light after an incident whereby an ‘intellectually disabled 16-year-old girl died after using methadone in combination with other drugs’ (Spooner, 2013). It was then called for an urgent review after further suspicions of other people dying of overdose on drugs that were only supplied by programs. In light of the incident, the Health Department has taken on recommendations to improve the implementation of health care, which in this case is the methadone program. There are a
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