Public Health Class Analysis

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When I first heard about this class, I was an open major at the time, and was looking into Public Health, specifically community and behavior heath, or Health and Human Physiology. I’ve always been interested in health and in all the health classes I’ve taken in the past. I was into all the health problems that some family members of mine have and I wanted to know how to help them, through prevention, or just simply informing them about certain disorders and diseases. I took a class last semester, called Health for Living, and it was an interesting class and opened my eyes more to health issues and how most of them are preventable. That class didn’t help me enough to decide so, I hoped that taking this class might help me a bit more. Last spring when I saw that Fundamentals of Public Health was a course I could take, I signed up right away. I always knew I wanted to help people when I was older, but didn’t know how I was going to do that. I was hoping that if I signed up for this health class, maybe it would give me more insight on some careers in the public health field. I come from a family of diabetics and high blood pressure. I was, and still am, interested in helping some family members of mine maintain their lifestyles, and help myself and my siblings prevent these health issues. I…show more content…
I thought it was going to be about vaccines, how to prevent illnesses and diseases, if possible, and how to inform people in the best way possible. I found out, that this class is more than just vaccines and disease. It’s about everything. It’s about everything I am interested in. We’ve talked about everything from nutrition, to vaccines, to STDs and STIs, and what things are and aren’t public health, why they are public health. I learned that everything is public health and everyday items are there to help and prevent things from happening or things that already
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