Public Health Concerns The Health Of A Whole Population

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Public health concerns the health of a whole population, and spans a variety of issues that include the processes necessary to “developing effective interventions” (Childress 170). This means that public health policy will scientifically evaluate the issues that may lead to an unhealthy population, and then act accordingly for the sake of the population’s well-being. The topics that public health addresses can be anything that can make an impact on the health of our population – which we can individually define as a public health issues. Yet, we must not group medicine into public health because our goal is not to find a way to treat individual effects of public health issues, but understand what causes them in the first place. It’s simply a way to prevent large societal health problems by defining and suggesting regulations to either eliminate or lessen the medical problem. An effective system requires communication among members of the community and a strong regulating body to ensure the best chance of health as a society (Childress 171). Furthermore, The Institute of Medicine defines public health as “what we, as a society, do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy” (Childress 170). This definition reveals that public health is a society’s own actions to create effective “conditions” to live healthily. Public health is a community effort and requires a regulatory body of its own to set standards. In our own society, our government and
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