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Considerably public health has developed over many years and changes occurred over time reflecting concerns on the health of the nation during each period. This changes have produced the public health system that is in place till this present time. The early reformers of social and economic conditions played a huge impact in balancing the health status of the nation in a way that, every individual will benefit from it. Health professionals increase their medical knowledge greatly relative to how diseases where spread and also various progress where made in helping to decrease the incidence of the contagious disease which killed several people.
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He made the greatest contribution by improving the health of Victorian Londoners and the bulk by the new sewers which remains in use today in London. In addition, he changed the look of riverside London and the nature of River Thames by building 83 miles of sewers that stops raw sewage from running into Thames.
John Simon is the fourth founder of public health. He is a professional physician who succeeded Edwin Chadwick in his application to health administration. In 1855 He became a medical officer to the board of health. He helped to put into place their first sanity act, in 1866 he put into responsibility of inspection on local authorities which extended the rand of sanity power which could target any local authorities that do not compel with the sanity act.

20th century, in 1942 Beverage Report produced to support those I society that where considered to be poor. Sir William Beverage was appointed by the government to write a report. The aim of the report was because after the second world war there were well built outlook about British people on how they should be rewarded for their sacrifice and participation. In December 1942 Beverage published a report that states that all people who were ill, unemployed, retired or widowed could have some benefit of this money being paid. National Health services was created by Clement Atlee’s Labour government after the second world war which

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