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Public Health Reflective Assignment The following assignment will analyse and reflect on a communication situation which I observed during my practice .To be able to reflect upon this situation I will use Gibbs(1988) reflective model that will allow me to analyse the communication process between health visitor and client .It will also identify importance of reflective practice and will draw out conclusion for my new leadership role as health visitor .Epstein and Hundert(2002) stated reflective practice as being a benefit for practitioner while using communication ,knowledge ,reasoning , emotions and values in the care provided to improve the service for clients and communities. In addition Duffy(2007) considers that reflective…show more content…
Further, Lee et al (2000) explained that EPDS and GHQ even used together to support identification of signs and symptoms cannot stand as diagnosis of PND and further clinical evaluation is required to accurately diagnose. Myself and my mentor entered the house and observed that Jenny appeared to be very agitated and anxious explaining that she is not coping with two small children and she was blaming herself for not being a good mother .Cooper et al (2007) explained that quite often PND is characterised by low mood, loss of interest in usually enjoyable activities with symptoms that include difficulty in sleeping, feeling of worthlessness or guilt and low energy. I observed my mentor spoke to Jenny using a soft tone of voice trying to assure her and saying that the purpose of the visit was to identify her problems and come up with positive solutions. Delivering

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