Public Health Informatics And Its Results Essay

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Abstract The report highlights the development of public health informatics and its results. The field is not new, but there are novel ways that computer and information technologies are finding their way in the provision of public care. Most agencies tasked with this role of providing public care are continually utilizing electronics to make it give rise to desirable outcomes. This trend is not new, but its success if restricted by factors such as necessary legislation and integration of systems. Many areas of public care have established informatics to facilitate their functions. This introduces a problem because these systems cannot be integrated with those of other field of healthcare. This is one of the most challenging obstacle that the field of health informatics has to overcome. The work introduces the definition of public health informatics and highlights the various ways that the field has developed. The specific challenges that the field faces has also been emphasized. The latter stages of the report exemplify the concerns that have emerged and the possible future of the field. Introduction Effective public practices require accurate, timely, and reliable information from an extensive variety of sources. Although not well known, the public health sector was among the first to adopt computers and other relevant information technologies. The successful utilization of these systems in the provision of public health require the use of systematic and informed

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