Public Health Issue Analysis

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Public health is a very wide topic that covers many different fields and affects the lives of everyone on this planet. This course has been very eye opening and very informative to what is included in Public Health. Beginning from week one I found it interesting reading the discussion post from my fellow classmates and to see how they all were interested in different aspects of public health. This was a good opportunity to get to know what was the motivation of others and what to read opinions about the different topics related to health was. Overall the discussion topics were something that I really liked because it involved some research, but not too intensive research as well as gave the opportunity to learn from other classmates on their experiences and research. This was a great way to help build up for what we will have to do a lot in the future with is do research and share what we…show more content…
After watching the film about the patients having to wait endless hours in the waiting room this was shocking to see what million of individuals in the US have to go through just to try to receive medical care. Unfortunately socioeconomic factors play a major role in how public health affects the lives of billions world wide. In the US this is a major problem for low income families, this directly affects the resources available for them to try to prevent these transmittable diseases. Socioeconomic factors also affect the environment where individuals live. The environment also plays a major role public health and how it affects the lives of millions everywhere. Environmental factors such as lack of access to clean drinking water can cause the spread of diseases and viruses that can be deadly. Climate change, which have significantly increased due to human activity is also a cause of current problems and will make them increase in the
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