Public Health Issues Are Concerns On How To Protect The

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Public health issues are concerns on how to protect the health of the people in society. Public health communities focus more attention on the victim who has health issues related to drug addictions, alcohol, and mental and physical problems. Public health issues are more concerned with the health consequences related to these addictions, abuse, and problems. Public health issues are focused on the type of care that is necessary to restore the victim to their healthy condition. Public health also focuses on the concern of the victims engaged in an on-going relationship with the use of illegal substances and how that on-going relationship will affect the user in the future. Public health observations focus on the medical orientation and…show more content…
The differences in public health problems and criminal justice system problems is that the public health concerns focus more on rehabilitation and prevention of violence that is related to drug use and the criminal justice concerns focus more on act to crimes cause by drug addicts. According to Moster the dilemma of dealing with drug users, is that the problem is for public health issue not a criminal justice issue. Drug abusers who are in treatment programs tend to not get rehabilitated and they may still commit crimes in order to support their addictions. Criminal courts recognized that the sentence for criminals that are drug addicts are mixed with illegal issues. The action towards drug treatments for sentencing is being clearly through drug courts administration in some jurisdictions. According to the Martinson report “what works”? -Questions and Answers About Prison Reform was published in 1974 in Public Interest.” Martinson’s conclusion was that the truth about treatment approaches was compared to imprisonment. Also, Martinson concluded in his studies “with few and insolated exceptions, the rehabilitative efforts that have been reported so far have had no appreciable effect on recidivism”
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