Public Health Law

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Public Health Law Public Health Law Gostin's treatise on public health law is a very pointed and direct statement on the role that the author believes government should play in the role of improving and maintaining the health of the citizens they are charged with assisting. While Gostin seems very sure of himself, some of what he suggests would be controversial to many people and such derision has been front and center in the public eye since the Affordable Care Act was passed a few years ago. Core Function The core function described by Gostin is the enactment and enforcement of laws that regulate or coerce the public and government in general into behaviors that are for the betterment of the public's health. One example of this in action would be the United States government banning a substance to be used in children's toys because it is known to be harmful if touched or ingested. Another example would be when the Food and Drug Administration pulling a drug off the market due to a high number of deaths. Gostin's Five Functions Responsibility of Government Gostin states in his first point that no single individual has the power to ensure the public health. The relevant local, state and federal government agencies, which are legitimized and empowered by the electorate, are charged with ensuring the public health through collective action and planning. Gostin also acknowledges that the public's definition of what government should and should not do is not uniform
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