Public Health Nursing

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According to the author, the assumptions to action research prior to the process were mostly based on the perception that of Public Health Nursing as just caring for the sick. The author focuses on nursing roles in providing care to help solve the complex problems that is threatening the southern state of Virginia. However, after carrying out the research on the various evolutionary stages, it was discovered that Public Health Nursing was more than that. Also, the author assumed the need to emphasize collaboration and partnerships with communities and populations. As such, it involved the understanding of cultures, politics, economics and other psychosocial problems which in one way or the other affected the people’s health. These core competencies are necessary to implement community participatory in health promotion. The central complex problems include the frail elderly population, teen mothers, homeless individuals, smokers, overweight or obesity and youth substance use and prevention (Kulbok, Thatcher, Park, & Meszaros, 2012). Kulbok, et. al, (2012), define public health nursing practice as “the perspective, knowledge base, and the focus of care, rather than by the site in which these nurses practice. Additionally, from the author’s point of view she found out that Public Health Nursing (PHN) is a type of model that encompasses a one-way flow of resources from a nurse to a patient. The participatory action research involved the community or the focused-population
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