Public Health Of Public Healthcare

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Public Health Public health is an important subject in the curriculum of medical, nursing, and allied health science schools. It is a separate course in the curriculum of some of the chiropractic colleges. The instruction hours of public health course are different among the chiropractic colleges. The Public Health instruction contact hour is 36 to 48 hours and 2-3 credit hours course in all other Chiropractic Colleges except at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida (12 hours only). Public health is a vital course in any health professional school. Every year, new diseases and new preventive strategies are added in our knowledge bases. There are gross disparities in the credit hours, contact hours, and total hours of instruction among the Chiropractic Colleges. The opinion of leading Chiropractor Instructors regarding the importance of Public Health in the Chiropractic Curriculum is also dissimilar. Although vaccination is a highly effective method to control infectious disease, most of the chiropractic student is not well informed of this matter. Many chiropractic students and practicing chiropractors oppose the idea of mass vaccination. The chiropractic philosophy put emphasis in the spinal nerve compression by misplaced vertebrae instead of microbial etiology of diseases. Many chiropractic student think vaccination is harmful and causes autism and Guillain Barre syndrome. Many other s oppose to add fluoride in the drinking water and think fluoride damages the brain..
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