Public Health Of Public Healthcare

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Public Health
Public health is an important subject in the curriculum of medical, nursing, and allied health science schools. It is a separate course in the curriculum of some of the chiropractic colleges. The instruction hours of public health course are different among the chiropractic colleges. The Public Health instruction contact hour is 36 to 48 hours and 2-3 credit hours course in all other Chiropractic Colleges except at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida (12 hours only). Public health is a vital course in any health professional school. Every year, new diseases and new preventive strategies are added in our knowledge bases. There are gross disparities in the credit hours, contact hours, and total hours of instruction among
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A chiropractic student should identify the essence of public health knowledge, public health organizations, healthy people initiatives, screening activities for health care promotion, tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse, exercise and healthy diet for obesity, behavioral theories and life style modifications, wellness counseling and its application in chiropractic practice. A chiropractic student should know the focus areas and principal health indicators of healthy people 2020.2
It is obvious that very little load in chiropractic education on public health or health promotion, despite chiropractors ' claims that chiropractic is among the important providers of health promotion and wellness. There are comparatively few chiropractic educators who are adequately qualified to teach public health in chiropractic colleges. This trend is unfortunate. In a medical school, Public Health is a vital paraclinical course with a strong presence of a department which bridges the clinical and preclinical studies. Research in the area of chiropractic and health promotion and health education has also suffered from a lack of solid presence of Public Health in the Chiropractic College curriculum.3
The DCs run about 200 million health care appointments in the United States each year. In a course of a typical chiropractic care, patients and their chiropractors often develop superb relationships that provide numerous

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