Public Health Personal Statement

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During my first two years in William Paterson University, I was not sure of what I wanted to major in. I knew it had to be in the health field since I am very passionate about the world of health, both the clinical and preventive medicine aspects. Public health focuses more on preventive medicine rather than clinical. I believe preventive medicine is the best way to treat the health of a community because it prevents the development of acute and chronic diseases and other complications. The diseases and complications disrupt the best quality of life that all beings wish to have and enjoy. The reason why I am in public health is because I want to improve the health and well being of a community. By improving the health of a community, it can lessen the number of visits to the hospital, the costs of treatment for complicated diseases, etc. Not all communities are eligible to pay for the costs of treatment when having a chronic or acute disease. The best…show more content…
I can relate to these issues, because I have close relatives that do not have access to healthcare and are not in a good state of health. I have seen how difficult it is for them to get treated or see a doctor due to their financial circumstances also they are not well informed or educated about health. In my opinion, minorities are most vulnerable to developing health complications. My greatest strengths are my ability to work effectively with many different people, being bilingual, communication skills, organizational skills, staying focus, and my listening ability. Having these strengths allows me to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds/ personalities, be able to pay attention and critique every detail, build a stronger work performance, and work with others as a team. With my strengths, I want to promote health and wellness to the minority community in order to introduce a healthy
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