Public Health Practices And Health

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Public health practices are dependent upon the presence of a workforce that are well prepared and well matched to the specific community being served. The infrastructure of public health in which all services and programs are built, has three components: accurate, timely data and information; effective systems and relationships; and a competent workforce. Various bits of knowledge and interpret the data to develop meaningful descriptions of health and illness, and identify strategies for disease prevention and health promotion. Systems and relationships can only be built and maintained by individuals; thus a competent workforce is essential. Public health as a whole is often called a profession, public health is unusual because it is not a singular profession in the manner of dentistry or radiation technology. Public health members often are defined by their commitment to the goal of disease prevention and health improvement for populations and communities. They do not focus on any one specific body of knowledge such as a specialized approach to diagnosis or treatment of individual problems. If the connections made are to serve the health of the public, those asking them must understand what public health is, and how it might be achieved. In this assignment I will illustrate the preparations needed to be made for progress Public Health as an whole and as well the provide information regarding the status of those individuals in the field continuing their education of their
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