Public Health Problem : Light Coming From The Sun

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Public Health Problem “Radiation is energy that travels as a wave or particle (Thompson E.G., Hahn C, 2013). Different types of radiation exists, light coming from the sun being the most common source known to people. Thus, society is exposed to radiation on the daily basis. Ionizing radiation, in particular, can be harmful - depending on the source and the degree of exposure. (Thompson E.G., Hahn C, 2013). DNA mutations can occur when ionizing radiation is absorbed by a human cell, causing the cell to die or become damaged (leading to problems later on in life such as cancer) (unknown 2015). Strong harmful doses of radiation are used when performing medical treatments or procedures such as CT scans or X-rays. CT scans play a major role…show more content…
(Brenner D.J., Hall E.J, 2007). Children are considerably more sensitive than adults to the carcinogenic effects of ionizing radiation. A child’s young age also gives radiation a larger window of opportunity to express its damage (Kleinerman R.A., 2006). The order of the most radiosensitive organ sites in children are the thyroid gland, breasts, bone marrow (leukemia), brain and skin (Kleinerman R.A., 2006). For example, brain tumors have been reported following the radiotherapy of tinea capitis and hemangioma following the dose order of 1-Gy (Kleinerman R.A., 2006). The energy absorbed per unit of mass is measured in grays (Gy) and 1 grey is equal to 1 joule of radiation energy absorbed per kilogram. The discontinued use of CT scans will help reduce radiation exposure, but as we’ve seen its medical use has only been increasing. Natural background radiation cannot be prevented, everyone is exposed to this type of ionizing radiation yearly. An example of background radiation are cosmic rays, which are radioactive particles that hit the earth from outer space such as the sun and neighboring stars (unknown 2015). The earth’s atmosphere blocks a portion of these rays, hence exposure is greater in locations with high altitudes. Airline flight workers are classified as radiation workers because they are consistently exposed to radiation when flying, especially over long periods of time. (NASA, no date). People living in high altitudes and having medical tests
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