Public Health Problem Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Public Health Problem

Teenage pregnancy has been a common public health problem in society, particularly in America. When an individual hears that 15 year old girl is pregnant, people perceive it as a negative connotation. The average age to have a child today is 28 years old (Jewkes, Morrell, & Christofides, 2009). Adolescent pregnancies are preventable, but are still bound to happen today and in the future (Langille, 2007). This is a problem is society due to teenagers not being able to support a child and also not being physically able to carry the baby without health risks (Schneider, 2014). Unplanned pregnancies for adolescents effect a woman financially, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Childbearing at an early age may have started as early as 200 B.C., but it did not become a public health problem as well as social problem until the 1950 's and early 1960 's (Furstenberg, 2010). This was due to financial problems that rose for single mothers. Several decades later, President Bill Clinton addressed the problem even after non-marital childbearing among adolescents had declined over the years (Furstenberg, 2010). Studies show that teen pregnancies have a high chance of happening in high risk communities (Langille, 2007). Even though it is very easy to acquire condoms and various contraceptives in America, teenagers still choose to have sexual intercourse without being safe from the chances of having a child together as well as contracting sexually…
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