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Millicent Seilenga


Public Health Research Methods

Week 4, Application Assignment

Theory and its Relevance to Research
Theory is based off of an idea or a thought. It is composed of carefully collected data, and several hypothetical tests or experiments. Creswell, (2009) , theory differs from a hypothesis in that it is a set of scientific method, a process of asking and answering questions based on experiments. A theory not only explains proven facts; it also allows researchers to make predictions based on what they observe if a theory is proven or said to be true ( Laureate Education Inc., 2009).
When conducting research, a researcher may choose to the three different methodologies that include quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methods to analyze the data collected. These three methodologies all have differing ways of reaching a conclusion in a research study. For example, Quantitative research uses deductive or confirmatory scientific method; it is used primarily as a source of description, explanation, and as a way to predict an outcome. Quantitative research was built on the basis of quantitative data, used almost always as the analysis of variables. The results of these kinds of theories relies mostly on measurements, are statistically driven and the goal is to generalize the results of the study.
Researchers studying The Health Belief Model (HBM) and Theory of Planned Action (TRA) might use quantitative research
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