Public Health Scenarios

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This community is very united. After interviewing the informants I learned that the people in this community have worked very hard to have a nice and safe neighborhood. The two key health issues that were identifier are childhood obesity and unhealthy food habits. The first informant observed that “ Some of the children in this community are overweight” (B. Downey, personal communication, March 7, 2017). The second informant identify that “ we have a lot of fast food restaurants in this neighborhood.” (C. Cooper , personal communication, March 7, 2017) This unhealthy food habits could be the cause of the childhood obesity in this community. The fast food restaurants found in this neighborhood include Chick-fil- A, Sonic, Whataburger, McDonald, Taco Bell, Taco Bueno, and Long Jon Silver. Childhood obesity can lead to chronic health condition and disease that can impact their health. Children can develop diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea and heart disease. Another safety issue is that obese…show more content…
This neighborhood is very united. The first informant reported, “I know all my neighbors and we meet once every two months to discuss any problems or issues we may have” (B. Downey, personal communication, March 7, 2017). This unity has helped the community to thrive and become a safe neighborhood. The second strength of this community is the excellent communication they have. The second informant reported that they used the Nextdoor app to stay in contact with the neighbors. He also said that “If I see suspicious activity I call the neighborhood watch or the police” (C. Cooper , personal communication, March 7, 2017). Overall, this is a great neighborhood and community to live. It has a lot of social, health, and educational resources. It is also a thriving community with a vast number of businesses and
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