Public Health Services : Case Study Evaluation

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10 Essential Public Health Services: Case Study Evaluation

Kyle Orr PUBH5050 Introduction to Dental Public Health Dr. Jaana Gold

Case number one discusses how communities must monitor the water fluoridation levels and report these levels to the state health department. This case brings up several different parts of the ten essential public health services. The first component is the mobilization of community partnerships to identify and solve health problems. This is first because it utilizes the actual community to conduct the water tests. Doing so allows the community to be involved and have some ownership of their public health program. The actual idea of fluoridated water is a perfect example of developing policies and plans that support individual and community health efforts. There have been multiple studies done, as early as the 1940’s; showing fluoridated water lowers the incidence of caries (Arnold Jr. 1956). These studies are why so many communities have these fluoridated water programs and why those that do not have it can potentially get governmental resources to start a program. The case also mentioned that these fluoridation measurements are also made available to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which then would use this information in their National Water Fluoridation Reporting System. This follows the essential public health service of enforcing laws and regulations that protect health
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