Public Health Services For Nhs England

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Rehabilition services are there for many people suffering from mental health issues, drug or alcohol abuse or even for servicemen and women who have been injured in the armed forces.

Public health services commissioned not only by the CCGs but also by PHE whom also works closely with NHS England and the department of health to be provided. These services should aim to provide efficient healthcare to people living within UK.

Primary care is what patients mainly look out for when they are in need of help- health wise. It is delivered through GPs, dentists, pharamists, optometrists, walk-in centres and the NHS 111 number. They are commissioned by NHS England who also commission some other specialist services. NHS England is in charge of
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The are commissioned by both the department of England and public health England.

Monitor is a financial regulator of foundation trusts. They make sure that all NHS provisions are running properly and that they provide quality care, that all the essential services provided by the NHs are maintained especially if a provider gets into a difficult situation, that the payment system endorses quality and efficiency and finally to make sure that patients are operated on their best interests.

The care quality commission is also a regulator which is independent for the quality of both health and social care in the UK. Similar to OFSTED, they examine and inspect as well as register health provisions such as hospitals, care homes, GP surgeries, healthcare practices, dental practices etc. The CQC have the right to give warnings, close down the practice, give a penalty notice, to suspend registration or prosecute the provider if they feel as though the services are not meeting the standards of quality and safety.

Healthwatch England is a consumer champion for both health and social care nationally. It makes sure that the views and experiences of the public are taken into consideration when local needs assessments are organised. It enables people to share their views about the
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