Public Health Systems around the World

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Peoples health is very different in other sides of the world. The health problems are different and the health care systems are various. People living in separate countries are in quite different position depending on where they live: in rich or in poor country, in developed or developing country. In this task I will write a presentation of heath care systems in the three different countries: Finland, United Kingdom and Ethiopia. United Kingdom represents a developed country and a Ethiopia is developing country. Finland is a country in northern Europe. The population in Finland was 5,4 million people in 2012, and the annual population growth is near 0% (The World Bank 2013). The population increased of 25 407 person during 2012, and 87%…show more content…
A few of health challenges in Finland at the moment are obesity, smoking / dinking / drugs, and national diseases like heart problems, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, osteoporosis, mental health, allergy and asthma, cancer, dementia, infectious diseases and accidents. (Sosiaali- ja terveyskertomus 2010). 2.2 Private health care The Public Health Programme orders the municipalities to cooperate with other public or private agencies to promote the health of population in the municipality. Organizations have played an important role in health promotion and supporting citizens own role to promote their health. (Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö 2013.) Municipalities provide services for them self and by buying them from private sector providers. Private services focus mainly on specialised doctor visits, and 5% of hospitals medical treatment is produced in private hospitals. (Sitra reports 2009). All permanent residents in Finland have public helth insurance. People in Finland can choose to use private medical centres, doctors or other nursing professional services. Public health insurance replaces some patients' self-purchased health care costs, but the deductibles are quite high, and everybody aren’t able to use them. (Sitra reports 2009). Ministry of Social Affairs and Slot Machine (RAY) assist financially organizations and a variety of health promotion projects every year. The grants are
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