Public Health Themes

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1. Based on the presentations of our first 4 speakers/topics, generate a list of 5 distinct themes that have emerged from the work we have done with our speakers thus far. (Note, that each theme should be supported by content provided by at least 3 of the speakers). State the theme and briefly explain (2 sentences minimum) your meaning behind it.

1. Public health encompasses more than infectious diseases
• All our speakers have focused on topics that did not encompass the stereotypical view on public health (e.g., the CDC monitoring the flu or Ebola). The speakers demonstrated that public health involves a variety of topics such as modeling (Dr. Welsh), workers’ health (Dr. Chosewood), crisis communication (Mr. Wuichet), and health literacy (Dr. Parker). Public health encompasses different angles of people’s lives and not just merely in times of outbreaks.
2. Public health work is welcoming of a liberal arts education
• From the materials we have used to prepare for the speakers, it is evident that public health work involves deep analysis of problems and teamwork, which are key components of a liberal arts education. All the speakers provided an in-depth look into their topic (i.e., they went past the surface level issues of their topic). For example, when Dr. Chosewood discussed workers’ health, he did not just discuss workplace
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Laypeople and government officials want to know specific numbers in order to make choices about their lifestyles or legislation, respectively. For example, Dr. Parker provided percentages of people who had low health literacy in order to indicate that health literacy is a problem that needs attention. Additionally, Dr. Chosewood provided statistics about number of workplace injuries and the costs associated with workplace injury. Dr. Welsh makes models, which are supposed to estimate numbers of illnesses, exposure to a particular substance,
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