Public Health Vs Pubic Health

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The most important distinction between medical care and pubic health is that public health is more about prevention while medical care is more about treatment afterwards (“What is…”,n.d.).To be more specific, public health professionals usually would give tips to people and inform them about what they should do to prevent certain diseases, help government establish policies that can make people do the beneficial things to their own health, and find out more healthy related issues and solutions through research and reports. On the other hand, medical professionals focus on what to do to people after problems occur. They may also suggest people to prevent diseases, but their main duty is to cure the diseases or alleviate the effects of the diseases.
One thing I learned from the quiz is that mercury can cause neurological disorder when it is absorbed through the skin(“Public Health…”.n.d.). Furthermore, despite being absorbed through skin, one of the primary ways for elemental mercury to influence body is when it is inhaled in to lungs (Cunha, 2014). I used to only know
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I am always interested in finding out how people interact with each other and the environment, and I have been studying this complicated subject on and off since the start of college. I even went to lectures to learn about enneagram, even though it might not be as same as mental health study, but it reinforces my interest in studying people’s reactions. Also, I really look forward to talking to all kinds of people and find out ways to help them to improve their mental health. I think mental health is as important as physical health, to some extent, I think it is more important than physical health. I personally believe that mental health is the basis for physical health. I can envision myself talking to all different group do researches based on my experiments and to be able to work directly with community groups and help the society as a
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