Public Health : You Are What You Eat

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EN 101: English Composition I
14 September 2015
Public Health: You Are What You Eat The food you eat says a lot about your lifestyle. Everything you put into your mouth is affecting you somehow and someway. The affects can be good or bad but you don’t always know which it is. Eating a salad compared to eating a burger and fries will impact your body differently. People of the lower class can’t always afford the more costly salad compared to the cheaper burger. Fast food in the tri-state is one of the most accessible foods to all. Eating the unhealthy food in their surroundings creates an unhealthy society. The transformation from small-diversified farms to expansive industrialized operations has put a negative toll on the public and society. This major transformation has created socioeconomic problems with our food system in the tri-state area. These problems consist an unhealthy society caused by low food security and the polluting of our environment. Factors contributing to these socioeconomic problems include the economic status of the consuming society, the financial barrier between the cost of healthy and unhealthy food, the way industrial farms produce their food, and mass production of unhealthy fast food.
One of the major socioeconomic problems in our food system is the low amount of food security. “The United Nations defines food security as occurring ‘when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active…
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