Public Health and Health Advocacy Project Essay

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Weekly Guide

Community Health Advocacy Project Overview

Each week you will use the Weekly Guide to guide you through the process of creating a hypothetical, community health advocacy project due in Week Six. The following breakdown represents each week's part:

• In Week One, you select an aggregate and write questions to help you identify areas of strength and of need.

• In Week Two, you focus on describing the characteristics of your aggregate and writing an action plan on how you would apply each of Christoffel’s three stages as an advocate for the aggregate.

• In Week Three, you apply the three levels of prevention to your aggregate’s health concern and select
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Stage Three: Action
Activities may include raising funds, join the local or state government to encourage education in school, and join organizations who are already addressing the issue of teen pregnancy. Such organizations are the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and community-based programs. CDC is expanding prevention resources through the president's teen pregnancy initiative, which involves the office of adolescent health, administration for children and families, and office of population affairs. CDC is also working to reach the Healthy People 2020 national objectives to reduce unintended teen pregnancy and improve adolescent health as well as recommending programs that reach teens that have been demonstrated to work, help parents communicate with their teens, and improve sexual and reproductive health service (CDC, 2012).

Week Three

Part Three

The levels of prevention in epidemiology help provide a framework for health professionals to intervene and prevent disease, injury, or disability.

Write a short description of the three levels of prevention.

• Primary prevention is directed at preventing a problem before it occurs. • Secondary prevention refers to early detection and prompt intervention during the period of early disease

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