Public High School Reform : Public School

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Public High School Reform Let 's get straight to the point, American public school 's are failing, and although the solutions to their many problems aren’t entirely implicit, remedial endeavors have been lackluster at best. In fact, According to PISA(Program for International Student Assessment), a recent international academic assessment, American students are significantly falling behind their international counterparts in math, reading, & science, and have sunk to the 36th spot in the international ranking (Coleman 2013). This problem, however, is one that has persisted for several decades, so it should be no surprise that American public schools are struggling. What is surprising, is that this is the case despite the fact that “primary and secondary education accounts for 20 percent of state general fund expenditures, making it the second largest component of state spending behind Medicaid” (SBS 2014). When discussing the causes for these disappointing statistics, some may be quick to blame the teachers or focus most of their attention on only one or two issues, when in reality there are several problems with U.S.A 's school system; All of which need to be addressed with individual solutions. From oversized classes, to low standards for student success, impersonal teaching methods/curriculum, and detrimental programs like No Child Left Behind, the problems with American public schools are quite extensive, so fixing them wont exactly be easy. Since many of the problems…
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