Public Housing During The Nineteenth Century

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Have you been in a stage in your life that leaves not only you but your children as well on the street with nowhere to go? If you’re family is not making enough money and you need assistance from the government, Public Housing may be the thing you need. Public housing are homes that are owned by the government and in some cases by private landlords who give low income citizens a home. Public Housing was created in between the nineteenth and twentieth century in hopes to decrease poverty rates from inclining. The Industrial Revolution caused poverty that led to sickness and death to rise which convinced the government to create this subsidy. As in the old days, there is criteria you must meet to qualify for Public Housing. In order to…show more content…
The mission statement overall for Public Housing is “The purpose of the organization is to provide direct services to children and their families who have suffered a breakdown in the structure of the family unit-and-home of the placement for children in need of alternative” ( Unfortunately public housing is not open to all, only those who meet their criteria. The age does not matter in this situation because things can happen at any age. For example, if you get pregnant at an age of 16 and are left alone, you may need public housing to be able to provide a home for your child. Even though the age does not explain the population, the special problems and special diagnosis of clients do. The clients who are most likely to get public housing are those who have a special diagnoses such as an illness or a disability who makes the person unable to work. For example, a 19 year old who is a dependent can injure themselves to the point where you can no longer work. Another special problems are being an elder, being laid off while providing for your family, etc. This program offers these people a second chance instead of going straight to poverty. The families who have a primary head of household that gets laid off can lead to separation of children from parents. This program offers second
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