Public Law Enforcement Is An Enormous Staple Of Any Community Essay

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B. Distrust in the Community Local law enforcement are an enormous staple of any community. Police departments are usually highly involved with many of the events that a community organizes such as school D.A.R.E programs, fund raisers, or even sporting events. Building a healthy relationship with the community is extremely important. However, when the community begins to notice a change with some of the practices of the police department, most notably targeting specific races in the community for stops, searches, arrest, etc., then tensions can rise. Police operate at the maximum potential when the community they serve is compliant. However, compliance between the two slowly fades when a rift is formed where trust formerly existed. Whereas once parents would tell their children to be respectful towards police, instead they would shape them to be mistrustful of them. One such victim, by the name of Corliss Davies, had the following to say regarding her unfortunate experiences with her local police. “In our life, we see a bunch of stuff go down — people getting beat up by police for no reason, and there ain’t nothing we can do. Who do you report the police to?” (Olorunnipa, 2014) Statistics even show that about 60% of White Americans have trust in the police, whereas only 37% of African Americans have trust in law enforcement. (Olorunnipa, 2014) VI. Solutions to Bias in Police Use of Force I. Body worn Cameras As with any problem that exists, a solution is always sought
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