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One characteristic of the UK’s unique constitutional framework is that it is considered a constitutional monarchy. Discuss what is meant by “constitutional monarchy” before going on to provide a detailed evaluation of the powers of the royal prerogative in the twenty-first century.

This essay will look at what is meant by “constitutional monarchy”, before going on to look at and

evaluate the powers of the royal prerogative in the twenty-first century.

Constitutional monarchy

A constitutional monarchy is a form of constitutional government, where either an elected or hereditary

monarch is the Head of State. Britain has a constitutional monarchy. The constitutional monarchy is in which the monarch acknowledges the rights of the
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It must now be unconstitutional for the Sovereign to dismiss the Prime Minister and his or her colleagues in all but the most exceptional circumstances.”#The last dismissal was a very long time ago, for the Queen to exercise her power of dismissal it would take exceptional circumstances, for example a constitutional crisis in which action must be taken for the greater good of the nation. During a hung Parliament, which is a period where no one political party has an out-and-out majority, it would be considered an exceptional circumstance whereby the Queen could exercise her prerogative power as the monarch. “The power of dismissal is said still to survive for use if a government should act to destroy the democratic or parliamentary bases of the constitution.”#According to Turpin and Tomkins, “dismissal of a government may still be an available measure of a last resort, but it is likely to generate vehement public controversy.”#

“The prerogative power of dissolving Parliament belongs to the Sovereign, but its exercise depends in ordinary circumstances on the judgment of the Prime Minister.”#Following the constitutional convention, the prime Minister must seek permission from the Queen to dissolve Parliament. In modern times this power is exercised on the advice of the Prime Minister and the Queen is highly unlikely to reject a request, the

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