Public Libraries and Technology

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There are myriad ways a child may develop a love of reading, however in the modern era it seems that this passion and hunger for not only knowledge but for the pure enjoyment derived from it has been all but lost. I have children of my own that are not old enough to begin to approach about this and most other children I see are too endeavored with their tablets, videogames and social media to be concerned with it. I can therefore only speak from the one common frame of reference I have and that is myself. In doing so, I will inform you of just how a child may develop a love of reading and possibly shed some light on how children may come to have a love of reading even now. I had a wonderful incentive in the form of a persistent grandmother whom would always shut the television off and put a book in my hands. I claimed that I hated the time it took having to read these boringly annoying things called words in no less an object made out of paper, but the experience began to far outweigh the reservations I had about the activity at hand. I was started off with books based on real life events. Not very interesting to a child indeed, but one aspect of children is their curiosity and desire to know more, inquiring about the hows and whys of things, the way they are, who was that and where did they come from. My own thirst for knowledge not only grew but expanded beyond the simple trappings of my grandmother’s personal collection and so she decided to bring me to a public library
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