Public Life Of Orozco 's The Orientation

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Sharon Solomon
February 14, 2015
Professor Joewono
English II
Public Life in Orozco’s The Orientation
It is amazing how one person can lead two lives at the same time, one public and the other private. Public life is the aspect of life which is happening in the open, as opposed to the private life which is happening in the closed family environment. The coexistence of public and private lives are what help an individual lead a smooth life altogether. In Daniel Orozco’s The Orientation, the relationship between public and private life is well portrayed. Using setting, characters and point of view, Daniel Orozco cleverly showcases the degradation of the thin line that once separated the two lives and indicates the one may or may not have a strong impact on the other.
Daniel Orozco is well known for his exceptional works in fiction. The Orientation, one of his famous short stories made a debut in the collection, Orientation and Other stories. (Orozco) In accordance to the title, the story is situated around an orientation that is taking place in an office setting. In this short story a new employee is being taken around the office and introduced to the office community and its rules and regulations. The narrator, the one giving the orientation begins with, “Those are the offices and these are the cubicles. That’s my cubicle there, and this is your cubicle.” (Orozco) This seems very generic for an orientation and Orozco’s choice of setting also makes the story more relatable.…
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