Public Management Reform : Indonesia

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ASSESSMENT 3 PUBLIC MANAGEMENT PG (9508) Public Management Reform in Indonesia Student Name: M. Windu Darmawan Student ID: U3130315 Words count: 2232 words Public Management Reform in Indonesia Indonesian government issued a lot of regulations in reforming public service since 1998 because the public service is considered as one of the weaknesses of the Indonesian government performance. As a democratic minded country, Indonesian public service structure much influence by the Dutch as their colonizer for 350 years. Dutch political pattern consciously or unconsciously influence the way of thinking Indonesian people, who is leave some unfavorable impacts on the people mindset and the government system in…show more content…
It has a direct impact on the public service as a representation of the government in public. Protracted discussion of regulation resulted in legal uncertainty, which leads to slow and poor delivery of service to the community (OECD 2012). This resulted in public perception of Indonesian public servants and public service organizations dropped to the lowest point. In the early of reformation era, government is still oriented on input, while the results and impacts of the performance has not been carefully considered. It can be seen from the performance of government accountability is still remains low (Liddle & Mujani 2006). This condition causes the ineffectiveness of work within the both central and local government. Then, to establish a quality management, the government also needs to drive the quality of human resources to improve the professionalism, employee performance, and organization by implement human resources management effectively (Risher 2014). However, human resource management in several public sector organizations has not been implemented. This is due to the inadequate recruitment process and lack of maintenance in continuous improvement such as training and capacity building (Bouckaert & Halligan 2008 p.20). As a result, the reform that already underway have not shown a
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