Public Newspapers Like The Wilmington Daily Journal

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Local newspapers like the Wilmington Daily Journal directly used the battles, comparable to the one in Richmond, as a way to raise patriotism in the community for recruitment purposes. At the bottom of the same column, “The Latest-The Position of Things,” a small section was tacked on, updating the public on the current status of the ongoing battle. “It will be seen by our telegraph, received at 11:30 o’clock this forenoon, that McClellan is mortally wounded” (“The Latest-The Position of Things”). This news was then used by the journal to spark patriotism into the community and hopefully bring more men to sign up to assist the Confederacy to help stop General McClellan at his weakest point.
Local papers were not the only ones guilty of manipulating patriotism for recruitment and draft purposes. Years after the war, Harper’s Weekly would be credited for mass recruitings during the drafts with their romanticized drawings of soldiers and pro-draft articles (Kuhn). One example of this is an article shortly after the battle at Fort Sumter. In the article “Swearing in Volunteers at Washington,” Harper’s Weekly reported on how the attack sparked a large movement of men from all companies volunteered to protect Washington, D.C. in the face of war. The weekly illustrated a picture of men standing proud amongst each other under the U.S. flag. The paper indirectly promoted men to sign up for the war by praising the heroic volunteers who are trying to protect their country (“SWEARING
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