Public Opinion On Obama Care

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Three months since the inauguration of Mr. Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America, and three weeks after the President and the Republican Party severe failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), this issue will definitely play a critical role in influencing the American public opinion in favor of the Democratic Party and may be a swing vote factor in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.
Officials’ Statements, Press releases, Experts analysis and Public Opinion Polls addressed the public opposition of the Affordable Care Act repeal led by president Trump and Republicans.
After Trump won the elections and announced his repealing plan, the majority of the Americans voted in favor of the Health Care Law
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yet, the survey shows a dramatic change in the public opinion for Obamacare, simply because they just don’t like it. The GOP’s plan to replace Obamacare will negatively impact 75 Million (1 in 4 American) enrollees in the nation’s biggest health care program (Medicaid) which includes Handicaps and elderly (around 65% of the program expenditures), Children and Adults (Around 35% of the program expenditures) from the middle and below middle income class individuals, according to Peter G. Peterson Foundation and the Kaiser Family Foundation. However, Medicaid is critical for the Middle/Low-income households, 12.9 million women in productive age (15 - 44), and the people of color (especially, Black and Hispanic), according to Kaiser.
The fear of bringing back the “Donut Hole” and losing handful of Medicaid merits was articulated in MARISTPOLL’s survey when 65% of the Elderly people (Over 60), and 72% of the Middle/Lower class individuals (less than $50,000), in addition to 89% of the African Americans and 78% of the Latino people voted against the GOP Health Care plan to appeal the Affordable Care Act, and since Medicaid covers around 40% of all children in America and 75% of the poor children, 72% of the
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Democrats can learn from similar historic paradigms and use the republicans’ failure to pass their health care proposal against them. The Seniors affected by the GOP Health Care Plan can be a critical voting bloc in 2018 midterm elections, forming 20% of the midterm voters. According to the Exit poll, elderly voters (Over 65) supported Trump in 2016’s elections over Hillary nationally by (7-8%). Therefore, Democrats have to convey direct messages to senior voters nationally especially in contested states with republican like Nevada, Florida, Maine and Arizona with a substantial percentage of elderly voters. Undoubtedly, the Republican’s failure in approving their Health Care Plan came at high cost, Tim Malloy the assistant director of Quinnipiac university poll: "Replacing Obamacare will come with a price for elected representatives who vote to scrap it, say many Americans, who clearly feel their health is in peril under the Republican
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