Public Opinion On The Topic Of Climate Change Remains Divided

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Public opinion on the topic of climate change remains divided despite over two decades worth of research and a strong consensus in the scientific community (Deryugina and Shurchkov, 2016). In an experimental survey, the authors tested whether providing the public with information based on scientific agreement on the occurrence and causes of climate change would affect the respondent’s beliefs. They found that not only did the public significantly underestimate the extent of the scientific consensus, the survey also indicated that those who were given concrete information about scientist’s views were more likely to report believing that climate change was already happening and that it was caused by humans. Moreover, the results concluded…show more content…
1). There are several natural causes which will dictate which direction and by what amount the temperature changes. Some of these changes are more permanent, most are temporary. One natural cause of climate change is solar irradiance, a measurement of solar power received from the sun and measured at the Earth. Studies have shown that changes in solar irradiance have contributed to climate trends in the past. According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), an example of this is the Little Ice Age, which was a period of regionally cold conditions between 1650 to 1850, that is thought to have been possibly triggered by a decrease in solar output from the sun. Be that as it may, NASA also states that since 1750, the average amount of energy coming from the sun has either remained constant or increased only slightly, therefore changes in solar irradiance cannot explain current global warming data (2017, Solar irradiance section). Likewise, volcanism, another example of a natural cause of climate change, is also regarded by some scientists as being the origin of the Little Ice Age. During volcanic eruptions, tiny particles called aerosols are emitted into the atmosphere. Once in the atmosphere, aerosols reflect solar radiation back into space which cools the planet. In his article,” Causes of Climate Change Over the Past 1000 Years”, Crowley (2000) explains that between 1400 to 1850, volcanic contribution indicated an

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