Public Opinion Poll

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Public Opinion Poll In A Glimpse
Gallup Poll is an organization that conducts public opinion polling in a regular basis throughout one hundred and forty countries around the world. It has a reputation of being the most trustworthy and accurate in depicting the public opinions on various kinds of issues. It is also best known for the accuracy in predicting the United States presidential elections results.
In conducting a public opinion poll, the first and foremost important concept is the basic principle of probability sampling, or at least that is what Gallup values as an important foundation. The probability sampling itself holds the definition as “a sampling technique wherein the samples are gathered in a process that gives all
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The purpose of this technique is to compare the impact of different wordings and sometimes to report the results of both wordings. All in all, it allows people to have greater understanding of the impact of nuances in ways of addressing key issues (Newton 1-3).
After getting deeper understanding on how public opinion polls work, let us take an example of a recent poll from with the title of “U.S. Perceptions of Job Market Remain Weak but Improved”. From the perspective of how the poll conducted and the method used, this poll is based on telephone interviews conducted in a time frame of June 7 to June 10, 2012 with a random sample of 1,004 adults, aged 18 and older, in United States. It is also specified that the results are based on the total sample of national adults, with ninety five percent confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is approximately four percentage points. The sample is randomly selected by considering the gender, age, race, Hispanic ethnicity, education, region, adults in the household, and phone status. The phone numbers are of course chosen by random while putting the demographic characteristics into consideration. This confirms the principle of probability sampling where every individual is guaranteed to have an equal opportunity of being selected by using the randomization technique. The random sample is also obtained through the process of identifying the target population through a set of characteristics
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