Public Ownership Of Handguns Should Be Banned

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Gun violence kills 33,000 Americans and injures over 80,000 people per year. It is ridiculous how much damage guns have brought to not only us, but the world itself. From Columbine, to Sandy Hook, to the movie theatre to the Oregon Community College shooting, it has just been ridiculous. This is all because we in America believe it is okay for people to carry guns and for them to be used if “needed”. If they were always banned to begin with, we would never have had this problem. The private ownership of handguns should be banned in the United States. Handguns have been proved to be dangerous to society in recent events, they are the deadliest weapon in America, and lastly, guns cost Americans hundreds of extra dollars that could be avoided if they were banned.
In America, guns have done great harm to society. Guns have been culprits to many different types of shootings such as Charleston, which was a shooting in a church, Sandy Hook, which was responsible for the deaths of twenty young children and six adult staff members, and the shooting in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises which resulted in the deaths of twelve innocent people. These are just three we listed here. How many times have there been news of another shooting? It’s like, everytime we turn on the news, we see another shooting that occurred. It doesn’t take a lot for one to notice that the current gun laws haven’t been working. The evidence which we all see daily in the news
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